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NEW!!! ICOFOM Study Series Editor & Editorial Board (2019-2022)

BREAKING NEWS: ICOFOM Survey on the New Museum Definition - Take part in it!!!

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Defining the museum in the 21st century: the ICOFOM symposiums

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XXVII Encuentro de ICOFOM LAM (Guatemala 2019)

Del 25 al 28 de noviembre de 2019








Next ICOFOM Annual Symposium - Kyoto, Japan 1-7 September 2019

The future of tradition in Museology

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Election of ICOFOM board 2019-2022

A call for nominations for the ICOFOM board and Chair is open! If you are an ICOFOM voting member and are willing to work, see here the form for nominations.

See here the Proxy, if you need to submit your vote through another person.

See here the list of candidates for ICOFOM board and Chair.



Call for New ICOFOM-ASPAC Board Members

At ICOFOM-ASPAC’s annual meeting in 2019, new members for the ICOFOM-ASPAC Board will be elected for the three-year period starting September 2019 through the ICOM General Conference in 2022. See here the call for nominations. 



Key Concepts of Museology

The booklet, distributed during the 22nd ICOM General Conference, presents 21 fundamental concepts of museology.

Click here for the booklet available in several languages!



Dictionnaire encyclopédique de muséologie

The Dictionnaire encyclopédique de muséologie, produced by the members of ICOFOM and supported by ICOM, is a momentous publication with a long, ambitious history. (Cont.)


ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums

The cornerstone of ICOM is its ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums. It sets minimum standards of professional practice and performance for museums and their staff. In joining the organisation, ICOM members undertake to abide by this Code.